Hello, my name is Ân.

But you can call me An.

I made


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Ehkoo is an e-magazine I created and currently work for as the main writer. It was initially intended to be my personal blog to experiment with JAM stack, then has started to grow into a magazine where I share my experiences as a front-end developer, and other related technologies. Currently it has approximately 8k visitors monthly.


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Revergreen is a BuckleScript bindings for Evergreen UI – a React implementation of the design system of Segment. I started this as a pet project to learn more about BuckleScript.


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To have something to work while learning about ReasonML, I made retrigonoparty based on the existing project of @ramesaliyev. This is a visualization using canvas to draw unit circle together with trigonometric functions.


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I wrote this adapter some years back. It allows a chatbot built with Hubot to connect to Gitter’s chatrooms, and listen and respond to users’ commands. For examples, /gif cat to find a GIF with keyword “cat”. This can be deployed to Zeit.co platform at ease.